You either hate shopping or you know you could look better if only you had the right tools to work with.  I am here to solve all your wardrobe problems. 


Closet Edit: Cleaning out your closet isn’t fun for you… I totally get it. But that’s where I come in. Together we will get rid of clothes you don’t wear and no longer fit and are dated. I can pin clothing that needs to be altered & mended. While teaching you how to actually wear your clothes. As we clean out your closet, I will create a list of items your wardrobe would benefit from (aka: items I think you need to style yourself easier). From that point I will tell you where to purchase clothing and have you go at it yourself or we can tackle shopping together a different day. Depending on how big your closet is, cleaning it out should take between 3-7 hours.  Image a clutter free closet sorted by color, season, and necessity.

 Personal Shopping:The whole point of shopping with an expert is to make your life easier, and to find clothing that makes you feel and look good. My stance on your personal shopping experience is to be the liaison between you and your closet. My job is essentially to teach you how to identify clothing that works with your body type, shop within your budget, and develop overall looks that work for you. The goal is to give you the proper tools to dress yourself!

After years of styling on high-pressure sets and high-profile clients, I am able to share with you my industry tips and secrets. With all that said I am a stylist for hire, and can shop and bring clothing back to you. I can pre-pull items ahead of time for you, and all you need do is show up. Or, we can shop together. The choice is yours.

 How to get started

Send me an email at and we can set up an initial meeting or phone conversation.  From there I can assess your needs and come up with a plan to fit you and your budget. I love working with people to find their style and help them have confidence to dress with ease.